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In the past year, tensions between economic globalization and the rising populism of the nation-state have shifted the world order.

Phenomena such as Brexit, TPP disruption, and US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement have threatened to reverse decade-long trend of freer exchanges of goods, capital and people. The US' well-established world leader status has to make way for an "American First" policy agenda.

How will the evolving Sino-US geo-political relationship affect economic exchanges between the two largest countries and among the rest of the world?

Would a domestic-focused US government accelerate its economy?

Meanwhile, what are the opportunities that can help elevate China's international status and how can it learn lessons from the past?

What are the risks and opportunities in the vibrant FinTech sector and cross-border investments?


This TCFA signature event provides an outstanding platform for industry leaders, academic experts, regulators, and TCFA members to share thoughts on these latest developments in the global economy and the financial markets.

Please visit our website for further details including conference agenda, speaker biographies, and job fair information.



- Important Information -

New York Marriott Marquis Hotel

1535 Broadway, New York, NY 10036

November 5th, 2017



- Prominent Speakers -

Sheila Bair

19th Chair of U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Sheila Bair

Bob Diamond

Founding Partner and CEO, Atlas Merchant Capital; Former CEO of Barclays

Bob Diamond

Shang-jin Wei

N.T. Wang Professor, Columbia University; Former Chief Economist of Asian Development Bank

Shang-jin Wei

Bin Qi (祁斌)

Executive Vice President,

China Investment Corp (中投)

Bin Qi

Hongtao Qin (秦洪涛)

Founder and CEO, HC Financial Services Group (北京恒昌集团创始人兼CEO)

Hongtao Qin



- Renowned Panel Speakers -


John Silvia - Chief Economist, Wells Fargo

Beth Ann Bovino - Chief U.S. Economist, Standard and Poor's

Greg Daco - Chief US Economist, Oxfords Economics


Shakil Riaz - Managing Director & Global CIO Lighthouse Partners

Peter Zangari - Global Head of Research and Product Development, MSCI

Tony Charles - Managing Director, Morgan Stanley Investment Management

Ryan Tolkins - Chief Investment Officer, Schonfeld Group


Ben Zhai (翟南宾)- Chief Strategy Officer, HC Financial Services Group (北京恒昌集团)

Jerry Wang - Founder and CEO, Haitou Capital (海投资本)

Ted Krauss - Head of Investment and AI Accelerator, TechCode US (太库美国)

Zhiguo Li (李志国) - Chief Product Officer, Homaer Financial (河马金融)


Michael Rosenthal - Partner and Shareholder, Polsinelli

Michael McDonough - Economics director of research, Bloomberg LP

DAVID Fergusson - CEO & President, The M&A Advisor

Dahai Guo - CEO of PuraCap and Epic Pharma, US Subsidiaries of Humanwell Pharmaceutical

Ian Woo - Managing Director, Lazard


Ting Jia - Managing Director, Hillhouse Capital (高瓴资本)

Lan Huang - Co-founder, Chairman & CEO, Beyond Spring Pharmaceutical

Y. Katherine Xu - Partner, Co-Head Biopharmaceutical Research Group, William Blair

Ben Zimmer - VP RoivamtNext / Senior Director, Business Operations, Roivant Science Ltd

Howard Liang - CFO and Chief Strategy Officer, BeiGene, Ltd


Xiang Gao (高翔) - Founder and CEO, Guanghe Group (光和盛世集团)

Zhilei Tong (童之磊) - Chairman and CEO, Chinese Online (中文在线)

Seamon Chan - Managing Partner, Palm Drive Capital

David Liu (廖子平) - CEO and Managing Director, Mithera Capital

Rubin Hu (胡志斌) (to be confirmed) - Chairman and CEO, Broad Resources Investment

(More speakers to be announced)



- Job Fair -

A number of companies are planning to recruit on-site or on-line at the job fair offered by the Annual Conference. The following companies will attend the job fair on-site:


◆ Bank of China 中行

◆ EFund 易方达

◆ Homaer Financial 荷马金融

◆ Taikang Asset Management 泰康

◆ HC Financial Service Group 恒昌集团

◆ Haitou 海投资本

The list is growing as more companies confirm their interest. Please stay tuned for updated company list and job listings.

Please note only registered guests can have access to the on-site job fair.

To job applicants: please send resume to We will keep your information in our database and distribute resumes to relevant recruiting firms.



- Registration -

There is no need to log in.

This year there is only one rate for

both member and non-members.

All registration options provide access to

◆ the full day Conference

◆ Breakfast

◆ Job Fair and Evening Reception

on November 5th, 2017.

Additional information can be found at our web site .

- The Official Website -

Registration Fee on or before 10/21/2017 (Early bird rates):

Package A (No lunch box): Member and Non-Member Fee: $150.00

Package B (Including lunch box): Member and Non-Member Fee: $200.00

Registration Fee after 10/21/2017 (subject to change):

Package A (No lunch box): Member and Non-Member Fee: $190.00

Package B (Including lunch box): Member and Non-Member Fee: $240.00



- About TCFA -

22 years ago, TCFA was founded as a non-profit organization comprised of professionals, policymakers, and scholars in finance and related fields who have a strong interest in China's financial and economic development. Today, headquartered in New York City, TCFA has over 6,000 members globally with chapters in Boston, Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Paris, Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Please visit our website for more information.

We want to express our sincere gratitude towards our long-term sponsors, advisers, board, executive team, and volunteers who have helped to make our events possible.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!


TCFA Management Team

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